Casino @ JMSS

We will begin getting ready for the casino project this week. This project will be your second of three projects. Please look over the details of the project from the handoutcasino_large.

When you have decided on your project idea you NEED to add a comment to this post clearly explaining your Casino Game idea.

6 thoughts on “Casino @ JMSS

  1. Chelsea and Bailey

    Name of Game: The Proballama
    Our game will involve a spinner, a die, as well as a deck of cards. The players will see the picture of the Proballama and will need to match their results to the colour, number and card type pictured in the diagram to win. Players will need to match each of the requirements in order to move on to the next step. It will be necessary to be correct each time in order to win any money.

  2. Devin Vanden Bourne and Jason Henderson

    One Strike and Your Out!
    Materials: 20 Assorted Chiops with monetary values and a bag.
    1. Reach in the bagt and pull a chip out. If you pull a chip with an X you get nothing back, and the other monetarty values are stated on the chips!

    12 Strike Chips, 5 $1 Chips, 2 $2 Chips, 1 $3 Chip. Expected Value for Player: $0.60

  3. Brett and George

    For our casino project, we are planning on making a roulette wheel. The wheel will be labelled with numbers and colours so the participant will have to throw a ball on the wheel and guess the number and colour.

  4. Adam and Dave

    Name of the game: Gamez from da Streetz
    Dealer draws a card from the “dealer deck”.
    Then Player draws a card from the “player deck”.
    If the player’s card matches the dealer’s card in either suit, value or both, the player wins!
    If not the dealer wins.
    Each deck contains 52 cards

  5. Mike and Geoff

    We plan to do the game plinko. A player rolls a die and a number is revealed. The number that comes up is the slot they place the slider on the plinko board.