Gr. 12 Projects!!!

Remember grade 12s that project presentations will begin tomorrow. The list of presentations is below. I will not be in class today because of a meeting. You will be given access to rm 170 or another computer lab so you can work on your projects today. If you need to reach me you can leave a comment on this post and I will check it later today, and reply back. So, get yourselves ready for an 8 – 10 minute presentation on your day. Please work out any computer bugs before class tomorrow. We will begin the first presentation immediately after the bell.

Good luck!

Tuesday Dec. 15:

1. Carly

2. Jerimiah/Tyler

3. Kelsey

4. Katelyn

5. Pam

6. Natane

7. Megan/Jessica

Thursday Dec. 17

1. Almo

2. Shauni

3. Deep

4. Victoria/Allie

5. Shayna

6. Chris

3 thoughts on “Gr. 12 Projects!!!

  1. Kelsey and Pam

    Hi Mr. Orr!

    Is there any possible way that a YouTube video would work for the beginning of my presentation? I know that it’s blocked on the computers.. but could you think of annnnyyyy way it would work? 🙂

    Thank you!

    1. Mr. Orr

      Hi Pam,
      Option 1:
      you could try looking at this site that tells you how to download a YouTube video. You will need to download the video at home and then bring in on your computer

      option 2:
      I use Mozilla firefox as my web browser on my
      mac. With that browser you can get an add-on that will download YouTube videos. You just have to first install the addon in the tools menu.

      Option 3:
      if the other two options don’t work then we “may” be able to access YouTube at school, but it may not work.