2 thoughts on “Gr. 12s Report Guidlines

  1. Chris

    Hello Mr.Orr, my computer broke down, and is getting worked on I’m not to sure how long it will take in order for it to be fixed but I’m borrowing my brothers labtop, and I need fathom. Is there any possible I can maybe have a one day extention to get fathom from you on the 4th and give you the essay on the 5th early in the morning or is there any way I can get it from you now before the 4th in order to install it on the labtop, because Ii have the essay done I just need to insert my fathom stuff (graphs,correlations, ect.), or if its not to far I can drive to your place and get the disk I’m not to sure how far you live but if you could please just get back to me, with a response on how I should resolve my issue that would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

    1. Mr. Orr

      Chris, print out your essay as is. Bring it in to show me before first period. I will then give you a copy of fathom. You then will need to submit your final essay before 2:30 on Monday. I hope this will help resolve the issue