Grade 12 – Casino Project

We will begin getting ready for the casino project this week. This project will be your second of three projects. Please look over the details of the project from the handoutcasino_large.

When you have decided on your project idea you NEED to add a comment to this post clearly explaining your Casino Game idea.

11 thoughts on “Grade 12 – Casino Project

  1. Natane & Katelyn

    Sup ya’ll. We’re doing the “fish bowl game”. Basically, you throw a beanbag into a bunch of fishbowls and depending on the bowl you throw it into (which are labeled by colours and correspond to the prizes) (MONIES) then you win or we trick you into losing suckas. 🙂 K’BYE.

  2. Kelsey and Pam

    HEY MR. ORR and class! 🙂
    We have decided to do our project based on pulling certain coloured balls out of a pretty box.
    There will be different coloured balls and different probabilities of each. The point of the game is to pick out a certain colour, and if you get the indicated colour, you win a prize! 🙂
    Kay bye.

  3. Almo and Chris

    our game involves a tub of water filled with pucks or foam pucks that will be marked with certain things on the bottom of them for winners. The game is started by the roll of the dice in which the number that is rolled is the number of pucks selected.

  4. Victoria Plant

    Allie and I will be doing a game with two dice and possibly tubes, not sure yet. Anyway… the player will roll the dice and if they roll two 1s (snake eyes), they will win $3. If they roll two 3s (pawprints), they will win $1. If they roll neither, they will lose $1. We will be calling this game Paweyes & Snakeprints.

  5. Jeremiah and Carly

    Our game involves a pair of dice and a deck or cards from 2-10. You are dealt 3 cards you get to chose either one or two of the three, then you roll the dice. If the sum of the dice equal either your one or two of the cards you win. But if you roll a sum of 11 or 12 you lose.

  6. Curtis and Brian

    we decided upon constructing a pipe where the player will toss a di downward. The number on that di will indicate the number of cards the player will recieve. the object of this game is to score pairs,with prize money being awarded. The only failures for the player in this game would be to roll a 1 (no pairs possible) or not getting any pairs. The maximum pairs you could get would be 3 (top prize), 2 second and 1. That is our game.

  7. Megan and Jessica

    have a bunch of cards with different values taped to a board. you roll a single die and the value on the die determines how many cards you will get to pick.
    ex. 1 or 4 = one card
    2 or 5 = two cards
    3 or 6 = three cards.

  8. Victoria and Allie

    The game we decided on was a game involving 5 dice. Roll 3 of a kind, win $1. Roll 4 of a kind, win $3. Roll all 5 of a kind, win $10. The roller will get three chances to roll their dice. If they cannot match them up within those tries, they will lose thier dollar!

  9. Deep & Shayna

    Hey everyone! So decided to change our game, we are going to make a spinner game. What you do is spin a wheel and the amount that you land on is the amount that you win (or lose)! (: