Random Grouping Cards For Math Class

Ready to download the cards? There are two copies of the cards. One with equations/expressions and one without.

Transcript of the video:

Alright, this video is about Random Grouping in your class and I’ve a got new way to make that happen!!!

So for the last few years I followed a suggestion from Al Overwjik who followed Peter Liljedahl to have random groupings in my class daily. That’s right kids sit in different spots each day with different people. And like Al I was using playing cards to match them up.A student would walk in the door grab a random playing card our of my hand and then find the matching one on the desk. The class would then randomly be placed in groups of 3. Easy right. I grew tired of always using cards. I wanted to mix it up. So last year I used different colour popsicle sticks, then I created equations on slips of paper, then coloured paper slips. So this coming semester I’m using these new cards I created. Below you can download, print them out and then laminate them.


They have different ways to match. Just tape the master card to a group of 3 desks (or pairs will work too) .

Then For example, today I may decide that we are all matching by colour. So when you grab a card from me at the door, go and sit at that colour. But tomorrow I may decide to match symbols so if a student chooses this card


They would go and sit at the “gear” table! And maybe the day after that I’ll say to match expressions, then the student will have to evaluate the expression on the card to discover what table to sit at.

Pretty easy! There are 12 colours, 12 symbols, 12 shapes, and 12 numbers that match expressions. So 36 cards in total.

If you’re like me and have only 24 kids then you can get rid of a few colours and it’ll all still work out. So grab them below here and have fun mixing it up!!

There are two copies of the cards. One with equations/expressions and one without.

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