Start A Math Fight

Transform Your Math Class From Passive Sit-And-Get to Active Discuss & Reason.  

Students will DEFEND their ideas with mathematical evidence.

Having students regularly discuss, argue, defend, and justify ideas using mathematics helps them understand the topic at a deeper level.

5 Rounds. 5 Ways to Create a fight

Round 1: Head Bands

Play a round of head bands using numbers, or expressions, or equations, or any topic you see fit.

Round 2: Would You Rather

Lines are drawn! Sides chosen. Students choose an option and defend it.

Round 3: Which One Doesn't Belong

By choosing which one doesn't belong students will compare and contrast many characteristics.

Round 4: Estimation 180

Build student number sense through estimation. Get ready for arguments!

Round 5: Math Before Bed

Open ended prompts found here allow for many correct answers. Share those answers and keep conversations flowing.

Transform your classroom into one that promotes mathematical discourse

Start a Math Fight Now

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Your students will be math fighting in no time!


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