3 Act Math – Ground Cover

With inspiration from Dan Meyer through Kyle Pearce, I created a Three-Act Problem. My grade 11 class just finished finding side lengths and angles in right triangles using the primary trigonometric ratios, and we’re moving on to solving problems! In the spirit of solving problems…..here is a Three Act Problem.

Ground Cover

Act 1: Video

Act 2: Pictures

Sod Dimensions

Garden Measurments

Act 3: Video

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One thought on “3 Act Math – Ground Cover

  1. Kyle Pearce

    Awesome stuff! It’s great to see teachers take something away from a session (and in record time!)

    Also appreciate the shout-out. However, Dan Meyer deserves all of the credit. Ironically, I will be attending his session at OAME in about an hour.

    Keep up the great work. Ill definitely utilize this resource in the near future!

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