Virtual Filing Cabinet

Searching the internet for math activities can be sometimes overwhelming. It’s hard to organize those lessons you find. To help myself stay organized I’ve been making a virtual filing cabinet using Google Sheets. When I find a lesson online that I want to save I add the details for that activity in a row on the sheet.

Each row shows the topic, creator, and the link to find it again! I’ve also grouped lessons by strand or big ideas.

I hated using a lesson and then the next year would come and I’d never remember where I got the resources or where to find them again!!! I would highly encourage you to keep your own Virtual Filing Cabinet! If you want to use mine you are more than welcome!

Click here to access and grab a copy of my Virtual Filing Cabinet (Google Sheet).

What are other ways you are keeping organized? Maybe there is a better way!!! Please leave your ideas in the comments!

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