While we learn factoring techniques we will keep examples and notes in our Factoring Foldable.

As we learn each new technique students will add those examples to the foldable.

Here are some samples.




Update [Oct 28 2014] – Students are loving this foldable……some even enough to keep it year after year. Here is one of my NOW returning grade 12 students who has kept her foldable for the last three years.



Other foldables:

Solving Linear Systems

Slope Foldable

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5 thoughts on “Factoring Foldable!

  1. Findley

    I teach Algebra 2 and my students are always struggling with factoring. The notes we have used are massive and too overwhelming. Do your students struggle? Could you send me pictures of your foldable so I can see how you teach it?


  2. We do all of our factoring now with the box method so that there is something consistent for the next teacher to rely on. I’m finding that they are better at getting the answer but they don’t understand what they are doing well enough to ever do it without the boxes…


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