One of my kids’ favourite game is Guess Who…..remember this one?



You remember it! I wanted my students to practice recognizing characteristics of polynomials without having to just complete questions out of the text book… I thought this game could work great! When you play this game you ask characteristic questions about the person you have picked and try to narrow the choices down…..all before the other person has guessed yours!

Perfect for characteristics of functions!!! Could also be great for my grade 9s who will later learn characteristics of linear relations.

I put this “board” together for the possible choices.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 8.52.31 AM


And kids will use dry-erase markers and “paper protector” sheets so they can re-use the Game boards.


Here are some pictures of my students playing the game

September_08__2014_at_0126PMSeptember_08__2014_at_0125PM September_08__2014_at_0127PM September_08__2014_at_0134PM September_08__2014_at_0137PM

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One thought on “Guess Who!!!

  1. Michael Fenton

    Great combination of whiteboards, clips, and sheet protectors! I also love that the Guess Who approach can work on a variety of topics. Glad to hear your students had fun. I tried a “game” today in Precalculus with simplifying trigonometric expressions and I don’t think anyone had fun. Oh well. Back at it again on Friday!



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