Math is Like…. [first day]

An activity I have done every semester since I started teaching is one I call “Math is Like….”

After going through all the course mumbo-jumbo, we talk about creativity!

Then the activity starts like this….

Here is your chance to get creative!! Take your Post-It and write Math is like….”

I then give the students some examples from previous years. The idea is that they are to complete the statement with their own thoughts.


Some students write funny things, some negative things, some insightful things! I let them know they are allowed to write whatever comes to mind as long as its school appropriate.

I have found that this gives students an “airing- out” of past experiences and we get a fresh start!! My grade 9 students have all come from different backgrounds in math….some great…..some not so great! So I tell them that if you have had a negative experience in math in the past, part of my goal this year is to help them change those beliefs about math

Here are some of this years Math is Like ….. statements. [I’ve got my work cut out for me!!!]







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3 thoughts on “Math is Like…. [first day]

  1. Erin Marsella

    Tried this for the first time with my 9s and loved it!! What a great way to see how they really feel about math. I had too many awesome responses!!


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