Green = Lesson Compelted

Lesson #



Extra Resource

1 Quadratic Formula – using the formula Pg. 403 #2-5eol, 12 Completed examples
2 Solving Problems with the Quadratic Formula Pg. 403 #6,11eol, 13,14,15,16  
3 Vertex Form of a Quadratic Relation Pg. 351 #2,3,5,6,7,10,11,21  
4  Transformations of a quadratic Relation. Pg. 363 #1-4,7,8eol,16  
5 Relating Standard Form, factored form, & Vertex form Pg. 376 #1-4eol,6,7,  
6 Problem Solving    
7 Ball Bouncing Activity In class  
8 Regression Activity In class  

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