Students will create review videos for selected questions. We will post them here so we can check back for help when studying. All videos are created using Educreations.


Unit 1 – Linear Systems

Solving linear systems by substitution | Video 2 

Sloving linear systems by elimination

Unit 2 & 3 – Analytic Geometry

Writing an equation of a circle

Verify triangle properties

Unit 4 – Quadratic Relations

Write an equation of a parabola given some points | video 2

Unit 5 – Quadratic Expressions

Expanding expressions

Factoring | Video 2

Solve by factoring | Video 2

Unit 6 – Quadratic Equations

Solve using the quadratic formula | Video 2

Unit 7 – Trigonometry

Solving problems with trig | Video 2

Sine law problems | Video 2

Cosine Law  – Solve for an Angle

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