Using iPads and Explain Everything to “sort” through the Quadratic Formula

Grade 10’s today will use our iPads to sort through some solutions to quadratic equations. For each equation, the solution has been cut up and scattered. The grade 10’s will have to re organize the solutions in the correct order. The progression of the different problems will lead towards re-organizing the steps involved in developing the quadratic formula. Below are a couple screen shots of the sorting slides. All sorting and re-organizing is done in the iPad app Explain Everything. Download the Sorting File.

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One thought on “Using iPads and Explain Everything to “sort” through the Quadratic Formula

  1. Hi Jon, I really enjoyed your presentation and talking with you on Wednesday at the PD session in Chatham. I have been looking through resources online ever since. I am already implementing many new ideas with my 1P class. I would like to do this activity with my 3M class. The link to the Sorting File is not working for me. Could you send it to me? Thanks, Natalie


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