Welcome Grade 9’s!!!

Welcome to your first day of high school grade 9’s. This site is a place you can access resources to help you complete your work. On our first day we will complete a few activities.

1. Math is Like….

Math is Like...

2. Estimation 180 –

Every day we will start off our class with an estimation problem. Strengthening our estimation skills will help us with our more advanced concepts later in the course.

First Estimation: How Tall is Mr. Orr?


Estimation #2 – How Tall are the Mini Orr’s


3. 3-Act Math:

Occasionally we will complete problems we call 3-Act Math Problems. The theory behind these problems can be found here. Our first problem is about a Water balloon.

What Questions do you wonder about after watching this video?

4. Number Sense Review

5. Class Survey.