Instantaneously Awesome!

So check this out!
Our lesson in Advanced Functions is “I should be able to determine the instantaneous rate of change of a function at a particular instant.”

Here’s what went down….

We began by grabbing an Explain Everything file from our Google Drive.


We watched Dan run!
After watching his run I asked… “Draw a prediction in the file of his Elevation Vs. time”


We used AppleTV to share our graphs…..brave students shot their graph up for display and for everyone to judge! Students were asked to support their prediction.

We then moved to the next slide….. And saw a Desmos graph of mimicking most of the student predictions.


Students were then asked to use the secant line on the desmos graph to:
1. Find the average rate of change between 2 seconds and 10 seconds.
2. Estimate the instantaneous rate at exactly 2 seconds….by manipulating the points.


After a consensus on what everyone thought was the instantaneous rate…and a discussion on what that means….we moved to the next slide to verify our result by looking at the tangent line at 2 seconds.

Lastly, we verified those results by calculating the instantaneous rate at 2 seconds using algebra!

Overall it was a pretty we’ll received lesson!
Any thoughts/feedback?