Solve, Crumple, Toss – Trashketball!

Instead of doing the same old worksheet in class on finding exact values of trigonometric ratios……change it up! I saw the blog post “Solve Crumple Toss” on Kate Nowak’s site and decided to give this a try.


I Took the worksheet and cut up all the questions. I put each question on a half piece of paper.


I called it Trashketball


  1. Take one question at a time and solve/complete it.
  2. Get it checked by the teacher:
  3.     if correct —put your name on it, crumple it up and put in the basket. Get another!
  4.     if incorrect — try again!

Bonus Shot

  1. If you were correct on your first attempt ….. then take another slip of paper, put your name on that,  crumple that up and shoot! If it goes in… stays in the basket. Otherwise it goes in the recycle bin.


At the end of the time the teacher randomly selects one crumpled “ball” the name chosen is the winner!


Just a little different that doing the same old worksheet!