Games in Math

I’ve always been a fan of doing something engaging that gets students to practice their math skills. Last week we played Trashketball to practice skills instead of doing a worksheet. Lately I’ve found some new resources. Here are two that I particularly like.

These games inspired me to share a game I’ve been playing with my students for a few years now. The credit all goes to a friend of mine Brian McBain who introduced me to it. I’ve been just calling it Math Race.

Here is the low down……

Like Traskhetball…….students have a number of questions to solve (like from a worksheet, homework, review section).

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 5.40.32 PM

Students are placed in teams, two or three students. Each team can complete the questions in any order. Once a question is attempted they bring it to the teacher to verify. The teacher says….”correct” or “incorrect”. If the question in correct they get a sticky note which they can place on the Number Chart.



If the question was incorrect they are to “try again”.

After the set time we choose a random number from the board using SmartNotebook’s built in random number generator. The group who’s number gets picked is the winner.

It has always gone over well with the students!!!

[Update – Dec 1 – 2014]

Made a modification today …..combined this game AND Trashketball.



If the question is correct you get a sticky……PLUS a shot for a BONUS sticky. Winner is still whose ever number is chosen randomly!!!