MEL3E – Day 8

Today’s warm up was another from Mary Bourassa’s Warm Up booklet (couldn’t find it on the site). screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-2-14-54-pm

Again I asked for the “gut check”! Almost all students said they wanted the dimes….”because dimes are worth more!” I asked if they needed anything else before they began. They insisted that the needed the weights of the coins…so we looked them up. Discovered that a dime weights 1.75 grams and a nickel weighs 3.95 grams. I assigned each pair to a vertical board to solve the problem with one marker. I circulated to help those that needed hints. As a hint I found myself acting out with my hands :”If the pile of dimes is 119g and I take out 1 dime the pile is lighter by 1.75g… many times can I do this before the pile is empty?” I think using my hands to act this out showed them that I was dividing up the pile. It led to them recognizing they needed to use division. Once they realized that no more hints were really needed.

img_2044 img_2045 img_2046

I’m pretty sure we could teach this whole course through Would You Rather problems.

For the remainder of class we continued the quiz and mastery day from yesterday. We had some connectivity issues today with the wifi so not a ton was done using the Freshgrade app.

Tomorrow we’re going to switch gears and look at the Transportation & Travel Strand.