MEL3E – Day 17

Our warm up today stretched back to our first week of class.

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-1-19-54-pm img_2180img_2181

I’m feeling pretty confident that we are getting better at many of our skills through our warm ups. It was nice to also see the students using appropriate terminology when discussing pay-period.

For the next 35 minutes the students worked on their Mastery work through their portfolio with FreshGrade.

Here is a shot of what they are seeing on their portfolio page. They get to see where they stand on our course expectations, they see evidence of their work for those expectations, and the best part…the next steps. Remember, they get to choose (click on) one of the expectations and attempt new questions to show me improvement. These expectations will be accessible all year…even as we introduce new ones. The portfolio is a great way to document my observations (pictures), conversations (notes or audio), and the work they produce.


My view of the gradebook on the iPad app is below. As I see improvement (or the opposite) I can click on the current “stars” and update them.


For the last part of class the students put away the devices and upgrade work and we wrote our second quiz. Not all finished so we’ll finish those tomorrow as we pick up our game of Monopoly from last week.