Teaching Math During The Pandemic: A Glimpse Into a Face-To-Face Classroom

What does it look like?

I find that seeing examples of math lessons and activities from other teachers helps me visualize how that activity could be used in my classroom. This is especially true while we’re teaching through this pandemic.

Let me kick off the sharing!

For 15 days in a row I recorded a quick (1 minute) summary from one of our lessons. I hope that seeing what I’m doing in my classroom can give you some comfort in what you’re doing in yours.

Here’s some background information on our school set up while we’re working through the pandemic.

My schedule for Quadmester 1 (we alternate from Week A to Week B until the middle of November 2020) :


Coverage Teacher. I’ll relieve teachers in 3 different math classes for 76 minutes each every day.


I’ll teach my grade 9 MFM1P (Applied) class for 300 minutes a day every day.

Notes: Day 0 was shot before our official start date in September.

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