Enrique Graves – Murder Mystery

Extract from the Journal of Enrique Graves


From working around on the farm I have been noticing that Elizabeth feels alone and distraught after the death of her husband. She has no other living family members other than her sister, whom she has not seen since high school. Elizabeth wanted to make amends with her sister, but said that she never wanted to see her brother-in-law again.


I saw sometime during the day … Norman D’Adly holding a corkscrew he found in the grass. I wonder if he is upset that his wife has been hitting on me all day!


I wonder who killed Elizabeth? I last saw her alive around 5:30 when she was heading into the wine vault.
I myself had been in the wine vault by about 6:45. I was working some of the wiring when I was shocked by electricity and don’t remember anything after that…