Michael Nightshade – Murder Mystery

Extract from the blog of Michael Nightshade

I arrived at the farm today without an appointment to show Elizabeth Killingsworth the function I was working on that I thought might help me with selling more real estate. That’s what I have been telling everybody anyway!!! I am really here to convince Elizabeth to sell me the farmland. I have analyzed reports and done the math….this land has oil beneath it. I will try and convince her to sell it to me by any means necessary.


I was approaching Elizabeth in the afternoon when I noticed that she dropped a small object in the grass. I don’t think she even knew she was carrying it. I followed her back into the house.


Earlier today I bumped into Vicki D’Adly and, thinking it was Elizabeth, began asking her questions about the extent of the farmlands. Vicki interrupted me to tell me she was not Elizabeth. Vicki and Elizabeth almost look identical!!


At about 5:15pm I met Elizabeth finally, we were together in the wine vaults to sample some wine. We were drinking together when the lights when out. I heard someone screaming from the other end of the vaults. Elizabeth told me to stay here, she went to investigate. That was the last time I saw her alive…