Norman D’Adly

Excerpt from the journal of Norman D’Adly

I grew up in the same city as Elizabeth. I actually dated Elizabeth first before I married her sister Vicki. Lately Vicki and myself have been drifting apart. I was fired from my job and I have not told Vicki about it. We have been living way past our means and I hate her for that.

I have always admired Elizabeth’s mathematical skill. I was hoping to talk with Elizabeth and get my financial problems sorted out, or maybe to get her to fall in love with me again.

I brought her two things: a mathematical function she loves and a gift for her hospitality a corkscrew.


I last saw Elizbeth alive around 3:45pm. I was bird watching most of the afternoon. I noticed that wine vault lights go out and heard Vicki screaming. I ran inside the vault…