Grade 11 – Exponential Functions Review Videos

Grade 11’s made review videos using the app Explain Everything today for various questions from the Review Section of Chapter 3.

#4 – Justin and Luke

#13d – Brad & Mitch

#8e – Devyn & Colin

#12 – Esra & Laura

Negative Exponents – Brad & Nathan

#7 – Nicole & Zack

#8d – Taisha & Steph

#7b – Tanner Alex

#11 – Trent & Inmo

GSP and the Derivative of the Sine Function

Today in MCV4U we will investigate the derivative of the Sine and Cosine functions. First, download the image of the Sine function and save it to the camera roll. Open the image in the app Explain Everything. Follow the steps below.

Try graphing the derivative of y=sinx.
First plot the points where their is a horizontal tangent.
Then consider where the tangent would
be positive or negative.


Next, download the GSP file and open it in Sketchpad Explorer. On the “Graph Sin’ ” page drag the point back and forth which will plot the points corresponding to the slope of the tangent.