3 Act Math – Ground Cover

With inspiration from Dan Meyer through Kyle Pearce, I created a Three-Act Problem. My grade 11 class just finished finding side lengths and angles in right triangles using the primary trigonometric ratios, and we’re moving on to solving problems! In the spirit of solving problems…..here is a Three Act Problem.

Ground Cover

Act 1: Video

Act 2: Pictures

Sod Dimensions

Garden Measurments

Act 3: Video

Review Videos for MPM2D

Students will create review videos for selected questions. We will post them here so we can check back for help when studying. All videos are created using Educreations.


Unit 1 – Linear Systems

Solving linear systems by substitution | Video 2 

Sloving linear systems by elimination

Unit 2 & 3 – Analytic Geometry

Writing an equation of a circle

Verify triangle properties

Unit 4 – Quadratic Relations

Write an equation of a parabola given some points | video 2

Unit 5 – Quadratic Expressions

Expanding expressions

Factoring | Video 2

Solve by factoring | Video 2

Unit 6 – Quadratic Equations

Solve using the quadratic formula | Video 2

Unit 7 – Trigonometry

Solving problems with trig | Video 2

Sine law problems | Video 2

Cosine Law  – Solve for an Angle

Using iPads and Explain Everything to “sort” through the Quadratic Formula

Grade 10’s today will use our iPads to sort through some solutions to quadratic equations. For each equation, the solution has been cut up and scattered. The grade 10’s will have to re organize the solutions in the correct order. The progression of the different problems will lead towards re-organizing the steps involved in developing the quadratic formula. Below are a couple screen shots of the sorting slides. All sorting and re-organizing is done in the iPad app Explain Everything. Download the Sorting File.