Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast

Maybe you don’t know this about me but I’m an avid listener of podcasts! I love pushing play on an episode, putting my phone in my pocket on my way to work or on my run and just being engrossed in the stories I hear.

Here are a few of my favourite:

This American Life
Revisionist History (Malcolm Gladwell)

Here are a few of my favourite Math Education Podcasts:

Global Math Department
OAME Math Talks
Math Before Breakfast
Vrain Waves
Mr. Barton Maths Podcast

and now…

I’m proud to announce that I’ve thrown my hat into the podcast ring! Along with Kyle Pearce, we’ve launched  the Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast officially on iTunesGoogle PlaySpotifyStitcher, and many others with our goal being to offer Moment Makers like yourself an easy way to reflect on your teaching practice and plan intentionally how you might use the Making Math Moments 3-Part Framework as you craft your next lesson.

You can listen right now to our latest episode by clicking play on the bottom of your screen.

Or you can listen to one of my favourite episodes so far: Episode 5: Too Many Resources & Too Little Time: A Math Mentoring Moment with Nicole Martin.

In the first handful of episodes, we dive into the Making Math Moments That Matter 3-Part Framework.  In other episodes we interview some pretty influential Math Moment Makers as well as invite some teachers from our community to engage in a mentorship call right on the show.

Learn more and see the show notes pages over on our podcast website:

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I can’t wait to hear what you think!