Grade 10 Principles of Mathematics at JMSS will be involved in an ongoing mock crime scene investigation. Throughout the semester clues will be discovered and evidence will be analyzed using Linear Systems, Analytic Geometry, Quadratic Relations, and Trigonometry. A full list of evidence and An introductory video revealing some evidence can be seen below. Statements from the 4 witnesses/suspects can also be downloaded below. As a Grade 10 math student it is your job to discover what happened and who the murderer is! Good Luck.

1. Car tire mark found on the road. 5.  Video evidence that may be related. (REVEALED) – (Need QuickTIME)
2. Picture of suspect and shadow caught on camera. (REVEALED) 6. GPS locations of all four suspects. Statements about locations have been given. (REVEALED)
3. Blood spatter found at the scene of the crime. Re-created in classroom lab. 7. Victim: Mrs. Curl – an ex JMSS math teacher. Also the ex-math department head.
4. Suspects found on location immediately after time of death

  • Mr. Roesch
  • Mr. Orr
  • Ms. Koiminek
  • Mr. Coates
The following are statements taken from each of the suspects found at the scene

  • Mr. Roesch: “I never liked that Mrs. Curl. I never forgave her for making me use that darn Smart Board in my classroom. I didn’t kill her though”
  • Mr. Coates:   “I always like Mrs. Curl. I can’t see why anyone would want to hurt her. I definitely didn’t kill her.”
  • Mr. Orr:         “When she left the school last year she it left ME with double the work!!! I’LL NEVER FORGIVE HER FOR THAT!”
  • Ms. Kominek:“I never really knew Mrs. Curl, but I know I didn’t like her”

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