Function Challenges – Beautiful Functions

In these activities you will complete challenges to help discover and learn a variety of functions. After each chapter you will use your newly found skills to produce a picture entirely made up of mathematical functions. Your teacher may choose to do only one chapter or all four. At the end of each section there will be a link to share your creation!

There are three ways to access the challenges.

From an iTunesU Course for iPad

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The iTunesU course links both the book challenges and the Desmos Activity Builder challenges giving the teacher the choice.

Directly From The iBooks Store

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Download the Beautiful Functions multi-touch book available from iTunes. You will need either an iPad or Macbook and the app iBooks installed to open the book.

Any Device/Web Version — Access Below

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Getting Setup:

  • Create a Desmos account where you can save all your graphs. 

Chapter 1: Linear Functions


Chapter 2: Quadratic Functions

Chapter 3: Various Functions

Coming soon.

Chapter 4: Trigonometric Functions