Google Drive – Storage for Class Notes

For the last few years I’ve been trying to post all my handouts and class notes online on this site! I’ve found it clunky in the sense that I’ve made the handout…… upload the handout here…..then create a link to the handout. There has to be a more streamlined way!

There is!!

Use your Google Drive account and share a folder! You can create a public link to a folder, share that link, and whatever you dump in that folder will be shared! Seems a little more streamlined! The best part for less technically inclined teachers is that you don’t really need a website to do this! Just a place to share the link…..Twitter, Google Sites, or just Google Calendar.

Check out some steps to set this up!

1. Share a folder on your Google Drive account.

Choose the folder in your drive……Click More……the Share

Share setup

Share a Folder

Grab the link: You can share via Twitter, Email, or copy and paste this link to a website. Make sure the “Who Can Access” says public! That’s it….your folder is now shared and you can start dropping files in it!

Grab Link

2. Upload Files to the folder to share.

The great part of sharing this folder is that now I can upload files, notes, and handouts right from my iPad or SmartNotebook on my PC.

Using the iPad.

After completing notes in class using the GoodNotes App I can export the files right to the Shared folder.


GoodNotes Upload

GoodNotes Upload

Below is the image what students/parents would see when they click on the link to the folder.

Student View

That’s it!!

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