Welcome to the grade 9 Math contest Club. We will be meeting every week on Tuesday’s in Room 128 where we will be learning strategies to compete in math contests and learn new ideas in math.

Look here for the problem solving sets that will be given out at the meetings, and helpful hints to complete tough problems.

Day 1: Tuesday October 6thPythagorean Triples & Checkerboards

Day 2: Tuesday October 13th The Pennies Game

Day 3: Tuesday October 20The Game of NIM (we played a version of this game.


  1. Two players
  2. On each turn you may take between 1 and 3 sticks from a pile.
  3. The player who takes the last stick wins.

Which player has a winning strategy and what is the winning strategy

Day 4: Tuesday October 27 – Solving Problems from part A of a Pascal Contest. Click here to see full past contests.

Solution of the Pennies Game:

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