Today I tried to jam too much math in and it caused some frustration! The warm up went awesome though! It was from

We talked about each of the options and some missing information. Students wanted to know what kind of car it was so we could determine the fuel consumption.

They volunteered some makes of cars to use…and we settled on using a Ford Fusion. We looked up the fuel consumption and we found some info.  img_2268

Groups were all over this problem. It was great to hear the conversations about how many km would be driven, how much option 1 would cost, and how many litres the car would use to travel there and back. I had conversations with each group about why someone might choose option 2 over option 3. We chatted about when would it make sense to choose option 1. Such rich talks.

This warm up turned into half our class and I was completely fine with it. 

Where things went downhill was after. My original plan after this warm up was to spend half the period completing our mastery and upgrade work then leave about 20 minutes for a new quiz. I tried to cram all of that into the remaining time. I said they had the next 15 minutes to work on their upgrades and then we’ll do the quiz. Fine right?? By the time they got their iPads out, logged in, and chose a question to work on those 15 minutes were up. I passed out the quiz and some students showed frustration of just starting their upgrade work and now had to write the quiz. One student stood up and said he was not writing the quiz and walked out. The others put their upgrade work away and started the quiz. No one finished. I expected no one to finish, but didn’t expect the frustration. I should have read the class better. I should have known my students better and that’s on me. I should let them keep working on their upgrades and done the quiz another day. Tomorrow we’ll keep going. 

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