U4 – Equations

This unit starts on Thursday Dec 3rd 2009

Unit 4 Equations – 10 days
1 4.1 Solve Simple Equations


Solve one and two step equations. Student complete examples in class with and without algebra tiles.

  • H.W. Pg. 193 #1-9 eol
Algebra Tiles & Balance Scale. Computer Algebra System (TI-Nspire)
2 Using Pentominoes to Solve Problems Challenge: Fit a pentomino on the number chart so that a particular sum is achieved. First method: guess and check. Second method: generate equations to determine the location of the pentomino.This can be completed in pairs. After demonstrating the method, can have a class relay to see which group can solve the most problems.

  • HW. Complete the worksheet (given out in class)
PentominoesNumber Chart from 1 to 100
4.2 Solving Multi-Step Equations (2 days) Solve equations with variables on both sides of the equation.

  •  Solve equations with variables on both sides of the equation. H.W. pg. 200 #1-4, 13
  • Continue to work on solving equations. HW. pg. 201 #5,6,9.
4.3 Solving Equations Involving Fractions
  • Solve equations with fractions by multiplying both sides of the equation by the lowest common denominator to eliminate the fractions.  
  • H.W. pg. 208 #
  • EQAO problems
38 4.4 Modelling With Formulas
  • Quiz!!! + Rearranging formulas.  This will preview some of the formulas that will be seen later in the course. HW.pg. 215 #1-5, #6,8,10,12
39 4.5 Modelling With Algebra
  •  Modelling algebra. H.W. Pg. 226 #1-6, #7-11,15
40 Chapter 4 Review
  • pg. 232 # 1-17
41 Summative Assessment
  •  The Amazing Race.
  •  Test

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