U5 – Trigonometry

 Unit outline




Extra Resource

Congruent & Similar Triangles In-class activity with GSP. Use the GSP handout.Use the GSP file  Class set of computer with GSP
2 Similar Triangles Pg. 460 #3-7eol  
3 Modelling with similar triangles Use “Reaching new heights” handout to calculate the height of large objects outside.  Handout
4 Modelling with similar triangles Pg. 474 #2,6 – 13, 15 Use the modeling similar triangles notebook file to calculate the height of Taipai 101. use Google Earth to show the locations.
5 Investigating the Primary Trigonometric ratios Use the “SOHCAHTOA” activity worksheet to introduce students to the ratios  
6 The Primary Trigonometric Ratios Pg. 496 #1-4eol, 9,10,17,22  
7 More on trig ratios Pg. 496 #11,13 – 15, 26a-f, 27, 30  
8 Solving Problems with Trigonometry Pg. 509 #1,2,6,8,10,11,12,15,17,19  Completed class examples
9 The Sine Law Pg. 549 #1-12  
10 The Cosine Law Pg. 566 #2-9  
11 Review    
12 Test    

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