Should I use Google Classroom?

How will I start spiralling?

How will that affect my grading routines?

iPads in my math class? —  let’s do that!

How will you implement that instructional strategy for your PLC/ or AEAC group?


“It’s tempting to seek” all of those shiny activities, lesson plans, assessment changes, apps and devices, new routines, all at once. You won’t be able to do everything all of the time and especially right away. Plus, that’s not how your students’ put your time together in their memory.

Joey remembers tossing Paper balls while striving for the best rate.

Mandeep loved playing 20 questions on Friday’s.

Sally remembers that small class size on the last snow day and getting that extra help.

Kaleb remembers, the way you say “… and Bob’s your uncle!”

Those are the memories that get linked with new math learning. Those are the ways we show our humanity.

Go on and pick one thing from those new shiny things to focus on and make meaningful this semester, But ALWAYS choose to be human. Those are the interactions that will make the difference in learning for each kid.

Using the problem based lessons found here are a great way to show students you are human while working on some math.

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