MEL3E – Day 12

Our warm today was from This warm up piqued their interest quite a bit. We did a gut check….and most of the class wanted the quarters. In their pairs they went to the vertical surfaces to show some evidence to support their decisions.

We looked up the thickness of a quarter (.175 cm) and they chose their tallest person to measure so they could compare.



I wanted us to not only look at some costs involved with travelling but introduce calculating tax on items. So I kept the collaborative work going with some Agree or Disagree statements.

We looked up what a bus pass costs for a student.


Again they went to the vertical boards to work through this problem. I had to review with a few of them how to calculate a percent of a number.


What I loved about this problem was the talk that was happening. Students were verbally comparing the advantages and disadvantages of using the bus vs. renting a car. Listing advantages and disadvantages is one of our expectations but it was nice to see the talk instead of us listing them down in a workbook or worksheet.

We continued the decision making with a few more agree or disagree statements.


Click to download the PDF

We ran out of time just as the majority of students finished the page.