30 Days in 30 Minutes: A video series that gives you a glimpse in my classroom.

30 Days in 30 Minutes is a 30-episode video series I’m sharing where I’m sharing 1 minute of each day for 30 days in row. I’ll show you the good, bad, and ugly of a real math classroom where we’re trying to spark curiosity and fuel sense making in our students using our go-to math lesson framework for planning and delivering curriculum effectively.

By sharing my day-to-day experiences I hope that you’ll see a little bit of your own classroom in my classroom and realize that we’re all doing great things for our students to learn better, deeper, and fuel their sense-making.

Below you can watch the days unfold as they happen.

The first video in the playlist will be the most recent day while the remaining videos will start at day 0 and run in chronological order to the most recent day.


Did you miss a day and want to catch up? You can select any day you’d like to see.


Download the 3-page printable guide that will give you 3 actionable tips to build resilient problem solvers in your math classroom. 


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