Sorting Out Explain Everything

There are lots of great things in Math being done with the app Explain Everything! Explain Everything has been the go-to app of choice for many teachers, students to showcase learning and understanding.
Students in my class have used this app to explain major concepts from the course. For example, a student used the app to create a video on the differences between Direct and Partial variation.

The app can be used for other great uses besides video recording…

I have been using the app to create short Sorting activities.


 Click the picture and download the Explain Everything .xpl file.


The white space in the app allows users to easily move, rotate, and sort images on the screen. In the example above, as a warm up my students were asked to sort the solution to the equation in the correct order. We then had discussions on steps to solve equations.

Below is another sorting activity on sorting out linear relations. They were asked to match up tables, graphs, equations, and descriptions.


 Click the picture and download the Explain Everything .xpl file.


Another sorting activity: For MPM2D or MCF3M or MCR3U – Sorting the Quadratic Formula. Students were asked to sort out solutions to solving equations by completing the square. After sorting a number of solutions, they were asked to sort the general development of the Quadratic Formula.


 Click the picture and download the Explain Everything .xpl file


With Explain Everything’ ease to make how to videos, and sorting activities…’s a must have on your iPads.