Document your days! 180 Photos

Since the first day of school I have been documenting my days one picture/tweet at a time. On Sept. 2, 2014 I decided that I

Day 1 - Math is Like....

Day 1 – Math is Like….

would take one picture of something (fun or boring) going on in my classroom each day and upload it here. Now that the semester is over I wanted to reflect on this process.

The simple idea of me just taking a picture keeps me on my toes. It keeps me organized. It keeps me saying “Everyday we should do something great” It keeps me working towards a better learning experience. I’m the one who’s looking over my shoulder!

It started with pictures….but I quickly realized that once I take a picture I could send it to Twitter! This was great because it allowed me to write something quick about the day and saved server space on my website. And with Twitter’s ability to embed a tweet……this became a quick copy and paste routine.

It’s such an easy addition to your teaching and so powerful. Do it now!

Here is my page of pictures/tweets

Day 90