Properties of Exponential Functions

Goal :

By the end of this homework activity you –

  • should be able to compare graphs of different exponential functions.
  • should be able to recognize basic properties of exponential functions (y-intercept, increasing, decreasing) by looking at the equation.
  • In-class work will be page Pg. 185 # 1 – 7, 10, 14

Your job is to understand how the values of a and b affect the graph of y = ab^x

1. Graph #1 – Use the Desmos graph. Adjust the slider. Make note of how the different values of b change the graph.

2. Graph #2 – Use the Desmos graph. Adjust the sliders to see how the different values affect the graph of an exponential function.

3. Double click on the board and leave a notes under each topic heading about the properties of ab^x that you have discovered.


4. Complete the following quiz