Games in Math

I’ve always been a fan of doing something engaging that gets students to practice their math skills. Last week we played Trashketball to practice skills instead of doing a worksheet. Lately I’ve found some new resources. Here are two that I particularly like.

These games inspired me to share a game I’ve been playing with my students for a few years now. The credit all goes to a friend of mine Brian McBain who introduced me to it. I’ve been just calling it Math Race.

Here is the low down……

Like Traskhetball…….students have a number of questions to solve (like from a worksheet, homework, review section).

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 5.40.32 PM

Students are placed in teams, two or three students. Each team can complete the questions in any order. Once a question is attempted they bring it to the teacher to verify. The teacher says….”correct” or “incorrect”. If the question in correct they get a sticky note which they can place on the Number Chart.



If the question was incorrect they are to “try again”.

After the set time we choose a random number from the board using SmartNotebook’s built in random number generator. The group who’s number gets picked is the winner.

It has always gone over well with the students!!!

[Update – Dec 1 – 2014]

Made a modification today …..combined this game AND Trashketball.



If the question is correct you get a sticky……PLUS a shot for a BONUS sticky. Winner is still whose ever number is chosen randomly!!!


IPads and Apple TV in Math

This will be my first time using Apple TV in math class. The idea for the Apple TV today will be to share student work.
Here is our run down:
1. Check connectivity for internet in our classroom. Visit here to get the Smart Notebook file we will be using. —- If internet is unavailable we will use wifi from goodreader app.
2. Download lesson file and gsp file.
—-First practice switching between apps, and taking screen shots.
3. Connect to jmss ipad network which will allow us to us Apple TV.
4. In groups, discuss and answer questions to first slide about the effect of b. use the gsp sketch. Record results on paper or digitally in the Smart Notebook app. Do again for next slide.
5. Students can graph the exponential in their app…..once all groups are finished….i will pick a group to connect to the Apple TV, to explain and show their work.
6. I will do the next example….as a demonstration….students will complete the next few slides as I circulate.
When students get to the Communication Slide have them take a screenshot of the page. Open the Explain Everything app……load the screenshot. Students are to answer the communication question while recording their voice and notes. They are to upload their work to the class dropbox folder or copy it to my ipad. This will be their exit question for the day.