Recently read a blog post of a review game …. Risk from Angie (@aeakland) . I love review games instead of just textbook questions… i adapted this game to be played in my MHF4U Advanced Functions class.

Here are the rules….

  • In teams, each team starts with 100 points. Write your points and names on the board.
  • Complete any of the Risk Questions in any order. (They are just the Review questions from the textbook).
  • For each question: After coming up with a solution, wager any or all of your points.
    • If you are correct – – add the points to your total!!! Yay!
    • If you are incorrect — subtract that many points from your total. Boo!
  • The top three teams with the most points were eligible to enter the draw at the end for the prize!!!

photo 4-2

Great things about the game…

Kids were cheering — when getting the problems right!……that doesn’t happen when just working on review problems from the book.

Kids were self /peer assessing their work — by betting they were deciding how confident they were on their work! They took their time, and thought about their answers making sense!

Kids were doing math!

The winning team won their choice of a geek sticker!



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3 thoughts on “Game of Risk

  1. Brian

    Yet another great game I will add to collection. Do you have students work on the questions before the game begins and essentially reveal the answers as you go?

    1. Mr. Orr

      Pretty much….I give out all questions at once, they can do them in any order. I walk from group to group and when they are ready to earn points they call me over and I let them know if they are correct!

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