1.2 Characteristics of Polynomials

1. Download the worksheet if you don’t have a copy.

Characteristics of polynomials – Worksheet

2. Use Desmos.com to help complete the worksheet.

3. View the video below which takes up a few of the exercises. (take notes!)


4. Watch the video below on Finite Differences Take notes on the example.

5. Complete the quiz

One thought on “1.2 Characteristics of Polynomials

  1. Nathaniel P Wortner

    In the first video, at around 5:20, you state that f3 and f4’s end-behaviours point in the same direction, but you also say that f4’s EBs point in the opposite direction of that of f3. This confuses me because you say they go in the same direction, but then say they don’t. Please explain.