1.3 Equations of Polynomials

Here is the goal of this lesson: By looking at the factored form of a polynomial identify the zeros and the order of those zeros.

1. Graph the 3 functions below in desmos. Type them exactly as you see them.
Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 1.36.27 PM
2. Watch the video of me taking this up. Take good notes!!!

3. Watch the second video. Take good notes!!

4. Complete the quiz.

One thought on “1.3 Equations of Polynomials

  1. Ashley Herfst

    I learned:
    Orders are shown through the exponent of the bracket.
    Order 1: Passes through
    Order 2: Touches
    Order 3: Scoots

    The numbers in the brackets are the zeros e.g. y= (x-5)^2(x+3) the zeros are at positive 5 and negative 3.

    How to determine, and show what areas of the equation are positive or negative by looking at a graph.

    And overall, how to apply what I learned in 1.2 about max/min points and degrees and apply them to questions in 1.3.