Updating the MFM1P Spiral

“Have you taught for 25 years? Or have you taught one year 25 times?”

I don’t think I’ve taught the same course the same way ever. Why would we? We don’t have the same kids in front of us. And especially with the resources at our finger tips from our colleagues inside and outside of our schools. I’ve wrote before about the power of #mtbos and it changes the way you teach.

I started spiralling the MFM1P course a few years ago with Kyle Pearce. Since then I’ve taught that course 3 or 4 semesters in row…..and never the same way. New amazing lessons and tools are springing up. For past lessons I wasn’t completely happy with I’ve got to see if this new lesson or that lesson will help my students understand the concepts more deeply.

One change I wanted to make was to include solving equations earlier in the course. In my old plan I waited to introduce it after introducing linear relations. But, after teaching solving equations using the Double Clothesline and the puzzle nature of learning it that way….I can introduce it now and continually practice our skills through warm ups.

If you want to follow along as my day-to-day plan unfolds follow this link! If any of you have been spiralling MFM1P I would love compare notes, or see your plans.




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6 thoughts on “Updating the MFM1P Spiral

  1. Amanda Avila

    Thank you for posting this! I am trying spiralling for the first time with my MFM1Ps this semester. I was inspired to try it after hearing you and several of your colleagues speak at OAME 2016. I am mostly following your previous MFM1P spiralling outline, but made a few changes. My schedule is still on paper (working on typing it up) but I would love to share when it is somewhat finalized. I’m a little nervous to go ahead with it – but hoping that it engages my students a bit more than my previous attempts at MFM1P.

    1. Jon Orr

      Just going through the planning is a great learning experience! I’d love to see what you put together. Best of luck!

  2. Sarah Cox

    Hi Jon,

    Your spiral looks great! I’m starting MFM1P split with an MFM1L tomorrow. I’ve been collecting some resources to try my first spiral. Do you mind if I use/adapt your approach?


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