Virtual Filing Cabinet

In the style of Sam Shah’s virtual filing cabinet I have created my own collection of resources from around the web.

Visit the shared spreadsheet to see these and more activities.


Fawn Nguyen’s Vroom Vroom lesson for scatter plots. – Function Carnival – Des-Man  – Water Line 

Linear relations

Nat Banting’s vine Animations for linear patterning

Stacking Paper [3act task] – Kyle Pearce

Analytic Geometry

Time to set the hooks Barbie zip line for distance formula.


The Mullet Ratio by Matt Vaundrey

Mullet blog post

The Fast Clapper by Nathan Kraft (3-Act Task)

Would you like fries with that (3-Act Task)

Nana’s Chocolate Milk Nana’s Paint Mix-up  Nana’s Lemonade — Dan Meyer — Equivalent ratios

Bird Crap

Water balloon Mishap

Sugar Packets

Finals Week

Dueling Discounts – Percent



Pop box design – from @mrpicc112

Corner to Corner – Pythagorean Theorem by me – Keynote Link

Filing Cabinet – A. Stadel

You Pour, I Choose (Cylinder) – Dan Meyer

Trashketball (Sphere) – A. Stadel


Super Mario – Regression/Sliders [3-act] Keynote Link from Me


Kate Nowak’s – Game of War

Earthquake DuelKeynote Link – by me


Guess Who Game – great for characteristics of ________  – Jon Orr

Volume of a Box



Star Chain Activity from Math Tales From The Spring.


Variety of Things has embedded QR codes in worksheets – Students can get instant feedback.

Estimation180 for estimating – great for warm ups or introduction to topics!

Would You Rather – great style of questioning…..i use for warm up activities.
Race car math – Andrew stadel

Grudge by Nathan Kraft

Solve Crumple Toss from Kate Nowak

Risk – Game – from Coefficients of Determination

Dan Meyer’s The Comprehensive Math Assessment Resource – Standards Based Grading



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    I might not be the smartest cookie in the bunch, but sure hope you can help me.
    How do teachers use your three act problems? I have read and tried but mine seem to go nowhere. I am an algebra 1 teacher in Florida.
    Thank you for your help,