MMM Unit - Snack Time - Featured Image copy

Snack Time!

Dividing whole numbers through partitive division resulting in a fractional amount & dividing ratios to reveal a rate 3 Act Math Tasks

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MMM Unit - Niagara Falls - Featured Image

Niagara Falls

Problem Based Math Lessons focused on understanding Division of Whole Numbers and Percent 3 Act Math Task Style.

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MMM Unit - Piggy Bank - Featured Image

Piggy Bank

Number talk and practice problem BLM handout exploring the relationship between fractions and decimals using the money model.

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MMM Unit - Whirlpool Aero Car - Featured Image

Whirlpool Aero Car

Context leading students to multiply whole numbers by decimals in a 5 lesson, 3 Act Math Task series of lessons with resources

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The Make Math Moments 3-Part Framework Guidebook

How do you create a culture of engagement and participation in your math class to ensure students are leaning in to learn?

Then, once students are leaning in, how are we going to tackle new mathematical ideas in a way that builds the necessary conceptual understanding and develops procedural fluency over time?

Finally, how can we craft our lessons in such a way that every student can access the mathematical content and don’t throw their arms up in frustration?

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No Bikes Allowed

Students will use their understanding of pattering to bring about topics such as linear relations, rate of change, slope, and solving equations.

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Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast

Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast
Wondering how to create a classroom culture where students don’t want to stop exploring mathematics when the bell rings? Kyle Pearce from and Jon Orr from team up to uncover how we can Make Math Moments That Matter for every student in the math classroom from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Discover how you can build easy to plan and fun to deliver math lessons that kids will not only love, but also learn from using the Making Math Moments That Matter 3-Part Framework. Get ready to learn as we interview math education influencers, engage in coaching calls with mathematics educators from around the world, and take deep dives into assessment, differentiation, student behaviour, engagement, problem solving, math fact fluency, and many other common teacher challenges as we strive to Make Math Moments That Matter.

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