30 Days in 30 Minutes: A video series that gives you a glimpse in my classroom.

30 Days in 30 Minutes is a 30-episode video series I’m sharing where I’m sharing 1 minute of each day for 30 days in row. I’ll show you the good, bad, and ugly of a real math classroom where we’re trying to spark curiosity and fuel sense making in our students using our go-to math lesson framework for planning and delivering curriculum effectively.

By sharing my day-to-day experiences I hope that you’ll see a little bit of your own classroom in my classroom and realize that we’re all doing great things for our students to learn better, deeper, and fuel their sense-making.

Below you can watch the days unfold as they happen.

The first video in the playlist will be the most recent day while the remaining videos will start at day 0 and run in chronological order to the most recent day.


Did you miss a day and want to catch up? You can select any day you’d like to see.


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Making Math Moments That Matter – Live

What makes students remember the math they are learning? Is it because you’re using a real world problem that they can relate to? Is it because maybe you used a 3-Act task? Is it because they practiced the content over and over? Is it because you used spaced practice versus massed practice? My good friend Kyle Pearce and I believe it is much more than that.

While at Oame 2018 Kyle and I took a chance and hit record on Facebook Live during our 75 minute workshop title Going Deeper with Math Moments That Matter. If you missed it or want to learn more you can watch the whole thing right here!

Session Description:

What makes a memorable math moment? Is it a real world task? Is it relevant to your students? Is it media-rich or delivered in 3 acts? While many professional development sessions focus on a specific component of an effective math lesson, Jon Orr and Kyle Pearce will model what they believe to be the three key components of an effective mathematics lesson: sparking student curiosity, fuelling their sense making and igniting your next steps. Join them as they lead a task to break each component down and then build it all back up to create a memorable math moment.

[UPDATE] – Facebook has removed our video — maybe we were too awesome?? So I’ve included three short snippets from other live workshops here:

and another,

and another,

What were your moments that you remember from math class?

What do you want your students to remember 5 years from now? Leave comments below. Or jump over to my Facebook Group and you can comment there.

Grab the Making Math Moments Matter Curious Task Template and our file with support resources over at makemathmoments.com

Thanks for being here with us!

10 Tools in My Teaching Day

Looking to stay productive? Wonder what tools are out there to keep organized? I’ve tried a lot of tools, apps, websites over the last few years; some I kept using and some I tossed away. Here are the 10 tools that I use on a regular basis in my teaching in a video blog format!! If video is not for you scroll below to read the transcript.

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This was my first go at a video post and I would love to know what you think. Think I should keep doing it? Think I should stick to just text? Let me know in the comments below or send me an email. For real, I would love your feedback!!

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