U5 – Statistics I

Day Topic Instructions Extra resources
1 5.1 – Data analysis with graphs
  1. Watch “Did you know” video and examples of graphs.
  2. Give out song length problem. Allow students to come up with an answer.
  3. Graph the problem in fathom
  4. Answer the next problem in fathom.
  • Pg. 15 from workbook #1-6,10
  • Notes
2 5.1 – Data analysis with graphs
  • Show a histogram of extra curricular activities. Discuss data types.
  • Download the 2009JMSSData.ftm and students are to create a graph of each type.
    • Paste a graph showing each data type in a word processing document. Write one sentence for each graph explaining an interesting piece of information the graph shows. Show your teacher when finished. Ask students for their examples.
  •  Complete the gizmos activity on histograms.


2009JMSSData Fathom File 
 3  Intro to the project.  Watch Hans Rosling and his Amazing Data!

 Handout the Project Handout discuss the Due dates.
  • Discuss possible topic selections.
  • Allow time to think of a topic and create a mind map.

     Create a Mind Map – due
     4  5.2 Indices
    •  Students research what the CPI is.
    • Students follow instructions about getting the CPI data from E-Stat.
    • As a class we answer problems using the index. “Example – If a coffee mug costs $12.50 in 2002, how much does it cost in 1970?”


     5  5.3 Sampling Techniques
    •  Students will learn different sampling techniques
    • Discuss the different sampling techniques.
    • Complete example 3 on page 115 with students
    • assign page 117 #1-9 for homework.


    • Hw. pg. 117 #1-9


    • Download the 500Students.ftm file
    • Click on the Sample button to sample 10 students at a time and build the sampled graphs. How long (how many students) does it take for you to sample enough so that the sampled graphs start to resemble the full graphs?
    • Completed in-class notes

     6  5.4 Bias
    •  Students research and take notes on
      • Sampling Bias
      • Response Bias
      • non-response bias
      • Measurement bias
    • Students are to take the online quiz on bias (you will only get one shot at this quiz, so prepare well)
    • As a class discuss surveys and good questions. We will relate the types of questions to types of data.
     7  5.5 Secondary Data Students will collect secondary data from ESTAT.

    • Complete the scavenger hunt
    • Look for secondary data that relates to their topic.
     Collecting Data From ESTAT
     8  5.6 Measures of Central Tendency Students will complete examples on using Fathom to caluclate measures of central tendency
     9  5.7 Measures of spread Students look at standard deviation and box plots
     10.  5.8 Measures of Spread & Percentile Students will look at percentiles and complete an inclass assignment.
     11  5.9 TIPS assignment  Students are to bring all data from their project  
       TEST    Review:

    • pg. 151 #4-11,15-18,20
    • pg. 154 #2-5,7,8


    OLD OUtline

    Day Topic Activities & Work Extra Resources
    1. Introduction to the Project Students will see examples of projects, speakers, and presentations about collecting, and analyzing data.Instructions:

    1. Watch the Video as a class: Best stats you’ve ever seen
    2. Handout the Project Handout discuss the Due dates.
    3. Discuss possible topic selections.
    4. Allow time to think of a topic and create a mind map.
    Video Resources: TED videosProject Handout (Download This!)Past Project Examples:Books: Freakonomics:Project Component: Think of a topic to study. Create a Mind Map
    2 Analysis of Graphs (chapter 2.1) Students will see examples of Graphs and analsis. They will discuss interval ranges, the difference between bar graphs and histograms. They will make graphs in Fathom. Gizmos – HistogramsHomework Data Links
    3 Indices (Chapter 2.2)Types of data &Bias & Surveys Students will learn about indices and solve problems.Students will recognize different types of data & bias. Good surveys vs. bad surveys.  They will start to create a survey for their Local portion of the Project.Instructions:

    1. Go over Types of data with students.
    Pg. 123 #1-4
    4 Collecting Primary Data:Sampling Techniques Students will learn different sampling techniques.Instructions:

  • Discuss the types of bias found on page 119 – 122.
  • Assign page. 123 #1-4 for homework.
    1. Discuss the different sampling techniques.
    2. Complete example 3 on page 115 with students
    3. assign page 117 #1-9 for homework.
    4. Assign the project component for a bias free survey.
    Survey Example (Mr. Orr’s Project Survey)Pg. 117 #1-9Project Component: Create a bias free survey to collect data for your project.Complete the Survey Summary Sheet
    5 & 6 Collecting Secondary Data: Accessing ESTAT Students will complete activities that will show them the skills to access data on ESTAT at Statistics Canada.Students will learn about the program Fathom.Instructions Day 1:

    1. Using Fathom Demonstrate how to make a histogram using the class heights example. (Fathom help can be found in the Appendix section of your textbook.)
    2. Students are then to use Fathom to complete the Displaying Data in Fathom HW. (found on the right).

    Day 2:

    1. Complete with students Finding Data on Estat

    2. Students are to start working on their project component about finding 2 sources of secondary data.

    Displaying Data in Fathom H.W.Finding Data on ESTATProject Component: Find 2 sources of secondary data about you topic. (ESTAT or other sites)
    7 Measures of Central Tendency Calculate the mean, median, and mode for sets of data. Pg. 133, #1-4, 9,10,11,12completed example
    8, 9, 10 Measures of Spread Day 8: Students will learn terms and calculations: range, variance, and standard deviation, box plots.Day 9: Students will use Fathom to calculate summary statistics from day 8 homework. Pg 149 #1-14Day 10 Assignment: “All Charged Up”(Application Mark)
    11 & 12 TIPS Assignment (Project Assignment) The Assignment will have students summarize, display and make calculations using their primary and secondary data from their project.Unit Quiz(Knowledge mark) Project Component DUE on day 11:

    1. Surveys distributed & collected by this date.
    2. Survey Summary page completed.
    3. ESTAT or web data is collected.


    13 Review   pg. 152 #6-11, 13,15,16,18,20a
    14 Quiz    

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